Missing teeth can make your cheeks look hollow and your mouth look sunken. More importantly, your diet can suffer. Those who are missing multiple teeth in a row may want to consider dentures for both cosmetic purposes and overall well-being. Depending on the amount of teeth missing, we may suggest partial or full dentures. During your consultation, we’ll assess all your options and you can choose what you feel most comfortable with.


Partial dentures are ideal for those who are missing only a few teeth in a row. They latch onto the remaining gum line and any intact adjacent teeth. Even if you only have one tooth on your dental arch, a partial denture may still work best, since the remaining tooth serves as a natural anchor.


When your dental arch no longer has any teeth, a complete denture is the optimal solution. You can choose the traditional kind that latches to the gum line or choose to have dentures that are anchored by dental implants. The implant retained option has the best hold, but involves implant placement into the jaw bone. Our dentists can discuss all the details and treatment costs with you so you can make an informed decision.

Implant retained dentures

The fact that a rigid acrylic resin denture sits on soft tissue means all dentures will move in function/use. If you are finding your denture experience unpleasant due to loose or slipping dentures you may need to inquire to your dentist about implant retained dentures. This means the denture will be provided a solid base to clip into and in doing so will remove any looseness or the feeling of being unstable.

The process involves placing a series of implants into the jaw bone to provide the solid base. The amount of implants required will differ from patient to patient however will be determined after a series of ‘CB-CT’ scans/radiographs are taken. The implant placement process will take a few months however at the end of the healing process, your denture can be either altered or made from scratch to fit the newly placed implants. The denture will now clip in and clip out as necessary.